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Joe Dirt 2 Red Band Trailer

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Yes, you read it right Joe Dirt 2 is coming and it comes with a new red-band trailer as proof. The follow-up for the 2001 comedy film brings back David Spade and most of the cast, surprisingly enough even Christopher Walken.

While living his “perfect life”, Dirt gets sucked into a tornado and is transported to the year 1965, Wizard of Oz-style. The story finds David Spade’s character attempting to get back to the present while ensuring that history—and thus his future—remains unchanged.

The film is helmed by Fred Wolf, written by Spade and also stars Patrick Warburton, Adam Beach, Brittany Daniel, DJ Zander Kelly, Mark McGrath and Dennis Miller. The film will be streaming exclusively on Crackle starting July 10th. Check out the NSFW trailer below.

BY: Jose Febrero
SOURCE: Collider
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