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AnimeNEXT 2015: AMV Sing-along! (Review)

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It's the hour when karaoke and anime music videos collide: Scintilla presents a collection of the most sing-alongable AMVs to be found – complete with captions for the lyrically impaired. No talent needed, just lots of enthusiasm. Come on out and help send out AnimeNEXT 2015 on a high note! 

At this year's AnimeNEXT, I checked out the AMV Sing-along! panel. If you're one of those that love anime theme songs and sings along whenever they're on, like me, then chances are, you probably attended this panel. Not only was the panel surprisingly fun, it was also the only one that needed no introduction – just straight to singing. 

The room was small but the energy was enormous! Everybody participated and what was so good and hilarious about the whole event was of course the AMVs. The twist was, the songs were not the original theme of the anime being played. For example, Bleach with Pokemon theme song or One Piece with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. theme song. It was loads of fun! 

This panel didn't have elaborate presentation nor did it have any Q&A portion. There was simply no need for it. It was perfect in its own way and was certainly more enjoyable than other panels I've covered. My jaw hurt from laughing so hard. In an overall disappointing day, I'm glad I checked out this panel. It definitely relieved some of my frustration, cooled my head off from the day's heat and saved me from regretting taking the long trip to the con.

BY: Jovanni Febrero
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