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AnimeNEXT 2015: Music behind Video Game Production (Review)

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The SoundtRec Boston & Video Game Orchestra team will talk about working on the Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and many other video game soundtracks! 

This year's AnimeNext, I checked out the Music behind Video Game Production panel. If you were ever curious how music production were done on video games and what goes behind the scenes, this panel would have been perfect for you, sadly, it was uneventful and painstakingly uninteresting.

First of all, the panel was way behind schedule. It didn't start until half an hour from its original time. It turns out the host wasn't even aware that the panel was still happening. That's a major communication error. As a result, the host was by himself and the whole presentation was a disappointment. None of the advertised orchestra team and other members was in attendance. The lone host literally just showed some of his work via his YouTube channel. He showed some behind the scenes of his team performing, as well as video games he had worked on such as Final Fantasy, Tekken, and Kingdom Hearts. And that was basically it. Less than 10 minutes and the remaining time were spent for Q&A.

From all the panels I have covered, by far this ranks the lowest. It was excruciatingly boring. That's very unfortunate, especially since the turnout was sizable and the room was so big, the orchestra could have actually performed to sample some of their music. There's really nothing else to say about this panel. I left halfway through in hope to catch better panels instead.

BY: Jovanni Febrero
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