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RETRO FREAK: The Ultimate Retro Game Console

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Retro gamers tired of old methods of playing classic games now have something to look forward to. Japanese game accessory manufacturer Cyber Gadget is developing a console named Retro Freak that is compatible with cartridges of 11 older consoles, listed below. Though, if you are being picky there’s a bit of overlap between the 11 entries.

  1. Family Computer
  2. Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  3. Super Famicom
  4. Game Boy
  5. Game Boy Color
  6. Game Boy Advance
  7. Genesis
  8. Mega Drive
  9. TuboGrafx-16
  10. PC Engine
  11. PC Engine SuperGrafx

According to reports once the cartridges are inserted via an adaptor the games are copied over the console so it can be played without having to bother with the cartridges again. Though, the console comes with its own controller other console controllers can also be use. Meanwhile, PlayStation controller can be use wirelessly with the use of the consoles USB port. Graphics are upscaled and can be adjusted. Cheat codes enabling features are present. What’s really exciting is that Retro Freak can save and restart games at any point.

The console is scheduled for a September release in Japan and will be priced at 20,000 yen ($165) while the Premium Model will cost 26,000 yen ($215). The difference between the models has not yet been disclosed. If you know how to read Japanese head over to for more information about the impressive console.

Check out the promo images below. Click on the images for a larger and better view.

BY: Jose Febrero
SOURCE: Anime News Network
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