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LIVING ON LOVE Musical Comedy (Submission Review)

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“I am NOT familiar with Opera at all, but I am OFFICIALLY a fan of Renée Fleming.”

Living On Love by Joe Dipietro and directed by Kathleen Marshall is an entertaining comedy with a fairly good amount of music to boot, without crossing the line of “musical” status.

The story focuses on the relationship between the veteran diva Raquel De Angelis (Fleming), whose delusions of grandeur still feed her ego despite her age, and the equally arrogant Vito De Angelis (Douglas Sills), who hires Robert, a ghostwriter (Jerry O’Connell) to write a memoir documenting his life as a one of the most renowned conductors ever known. Drama ensues when Robert is fired, prompting Vito to hire a younger, more beautiful and seemingly more driven young lady to take his place; all of which witnessed by his wife. Out of spite and jealousy, she announces that she, herself, will be writing her own manuscript and hires none other than Robert (who also happens to be one of her biggest fans) to write it. *gasp* … Like I said, DRAMA.

The events in the play never get too intense for one’s personal taste. And the insertions of classical snippets of famous arias here and there are welcome additions to the storyline, comic relief even. Renée is magnificent, Jerry is absolutely charming and Douglas beautifully envelops a character that you just love to hate.

Included in cast are Anna Chlumsky (You Can’t Take It With you), Blake Hammond (First Date), and Scott Robertson (Choir Boy). Viewers can expect solid performances from everyone, even Puccini the dog (played by Trixie).

Overall, Living On Love is a good production with lighthearted comedy intact. A nostalgic gem for Opera fans and simply a good time for everyone else. Would I watch it again? Only if comps are involved. I left the theatre feeling fulfilled, satisfied and ready to move on to my next show. An admirable 3.5 out of 5.

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