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ACBC 2015: Costume Contest

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Join us for the official ACBC Cosplay Contest on the main stage as we close out the entire event. There’s no better way to end on such a high note as the cosplay contest featuring YOUR talent!

The art of cosplay has been gaining mainstream momentum and has become popular on convention scenes more so than before. So, it’s not surprising that costume contest is something con-goers look forward to attend. The accuracy, complexity, or creativity of the costume of the competitors is something to behold. The craftsmanship involved in some of the costumes is reminiscent of big budget movie productions.

The costume contest at this year’s first annual Atlantic City Boardwalk Con (ACBC) was not a full-on award show experience like other cons do but it was a good first attempt. The hosts Bernie Bregman of Nerds Like Us and Cosplayer Bernadette Bentley aka The Rhinestone Queen with Chrissy Lynn behind the scene were funny and great at what they do. The stalling techniques they have shown was commendable since the contest was running later than expected. The Real Life Peter Griffin also lend his hands in entertaining the audience before the judges (Abby Dark-Star, Keith “Zen”, Miracole Burns and Chris Burns) and each individual contestant were introduced.

The winner, whose costume you will see below, not only earned the admiration of the room full of fans but came away with some cool Marvel swags. Not bad for “playing dress-up.” Though it was a modest event compared to NYCC with over $10,000 worth in cash and prices, it certainly is enough to bring a smile to one’s face.

Some really exciting stuff came out of the event this year, and though ACBC was met with some setbacks there is definitely room for improvement and I’m excited to see what next year's event might bring if it comes back.

Make sure to check out our other coverage of ACBC including the convention review and the photo gallery. Which of the three big winners was your favorite of the costume contest? What do you think of cosplay's mainstream appeal?

Visit for more info about the convention. In the meantime, check out some photos of the costume contest winners, other competitors, judges and hosts below. Head over to our Flickr page to view the full gallery. Click on the images for a larger and better view.

BY: Jose Febrero
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