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THE WALKING DEAD: Season 5 Review

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(Warning: Review contains spoilers)

After escaping Terminus, meeting new allies, failing to save Beth at the Grady Memorial Hospital, learning that Eugene lied about Washington D.C. Rick and company still decided to march on in search of safe haven. Their travel got them to Alexandria, VA where they spent the last half of the season.

The Walking Dead Season 5 was a big improvement from past seasons. It provided us 16 nail-biting, heart-stomping episodes. Its popularity and following is ridiculous! Just like The Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead gets bigger and better every year. However, despite all that, it's not without its familiar flaws and misgivings. More often than not, the show feels disjointed and the pacing leaves a lot to be desired.

Just like the past seasons, The Walking Dead Season 5 delivered gloriously with it's signature suspense, thrills, gore, and couch-jumping scares. There are no shortage of unique, gruesome kills - my favorite this season is Daryl whipping off 3 zombie heads at the same time with a metal chain (Ghost Rider style). But, as much as the show is about walker carnage, it's very much about the relationship of the characters and their never-ending struggle to keep it together in the zombie apocalypse.

Losing Beth at the beginning of the season was undeniably shocking, albeit a disagreeable way for her to go out. Then, Noah joining the gang on her stead only to meet his demise in the most random way several episodes later. Out of all the deaths, the most disappointing exit was Tyreese's. Horror movies/shows can be doltish most of the time and that's almost a given, but it doesn't rid us of frustration when you do witness one happening before your eyes. Tyreese's death was poorly set up, and almost everyone that bit the dust just seemed so meaningless all for the name of shock value. In contrast, Bob's death was excellently executed. Notice how all of them are black characters? The show is constantly surrounded by controversy because of it. Is it deliberate or coincidental? I got no answer for you on that one. However, I do believe part of the reason why it sparked controversy is because they're prominent figures in the show. If they were simply fillers, I doubt it'll get much attention.

We were teased a glimpse of Morgan in the beginning of the season yet nowhere to be seen until the finale. What's his true purpose on the show? The comics might have the answer but I never followed it nor does the show, entirely. When the gang arrived in Alexandria, it felt like everyone else besides Rick and Carol, went back to their foolish “this place looks safe” mentality. Like somehow their memories got erased of all the betrayals and horrors they've experienced from previous camps. They accuse Rick of being soft and yet when he turns full Shane, they're astounded. I find this passive-aggressive part of the show very annoying and frankly, repetitive.

The finale was disappointing to say the least. If the show intends to shock us, how come none of the main characters died? Almost anyone that watches the show was ready to see one of their favorite characters meet their end but alas, we got an appalling cliffhanger instead. I often thought finales are equally, if not more important than premieres, so why constantly punish us with cliffhangers? It seems the show has no intention of producing a finale with an end. It's merely a set up for the next season. Now, this is not to say I didn't enjoy the show. In fact, quite the contrary. I enjoyed it very much. I especially enjoyed Carol this whole season. She's the only one worth praising. The different dynamics
her character showed this season was sublime.

Overall, the season was entertaining. The make up, practical-visual-sound effects, and soundtrack were top notched as usual. The actors brought their A-game - acting at its finest, playing their respective characters (except Noah, I didn't care for him).

Although, I'm not a fan of mid-season breaks, it's not nearly as bad as having to wait 6 months for the next season's debut. The show is showered with cliches but even though I have obvious gripes with it, I'm very much a fan and will continue supporting the show.

The Walking Dead Season 6 returns in October.

Rating: B-
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