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RRR (Manga Review)

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The Biggest fight of the century is about to happen in less than a week. Everyone is gearing up and prepping up to watch Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. To get myself in more of the boxing mood I've been reading this Manga called RRR.

RRR is a boxing drama manga. Rikitarou is RRR’s protagonist, he's a 27 year old aspiring rockstar that became a boxer. After a tragedy that led his sister to death, Riki had to take a great responsibility of being a guardian to his nephew.

Before all this he was an irresponsible bachelor, who only cares about being a rockstar. He always run away from responsibilities and just tries to have fun and enjoy life. All this time he has been trying to get a record deal and at age 27 he finally formed a band that had a potential on landing a record deal. The only problem was, he's too old and out of shape. That's the reason he ended up joining a boxing gym.

The Art of this manga was really great. It really captured the emotion of each chapter. Showing first person view on some parts was really great because it makes you feel like you’re part of the story.

The characters of RRR are great. You can feel the tension between characters and the emotions of each one of them. Each character was created to totally capture your attention to keep reading and wanting more, and that's one of the reason I like this manga.

I really enjoyed this manga. The story is really interesting and it really gets you in the mood for boxing. For me, it totally captures what a boxer do to be a pro and to be on top shape, and also teach you the basics of boxing and life lessons of being responsible and taking life seriously.

Rating : A

BY: Benzar Lagumen
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