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DISENCHANTED! Broadway Musical (Submission Review)

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Question: What do you get when the desperate housewives of aftermath-Disney get together and vent on stage? Answer: Disenchanted!

Book writer-composer-lyricist Dennis T. Giacino and Director Fiely A. Matias scored an A+ with this fantastically fabulous mini-musical based on some of the known Disney princesses. Though a parody (maybe a satire?) of the more popularized fairy tales, many are aware that they themselves are already retellings of the sometimes much darker original versions of the same stories.

The bitter insights of Snow White (Michelle Knight), Cinderella (Becky Gulsvig) and Sleeping Beauty (Jen Bechter), to name a few, beautifully narrates that ‘happily ever after’ might not be quite as happy as everyone thinks. The Little Mermaid (Alison Burns), after realizing and regretting giving up her family and the life she had known for a boy she had just met, apparently develops a great liking for alcohol and oddly enough… sushi. And Tiana a.k.a. The Princess Who Kissed The Frog (Soara-Jove Ross), is proud that a woman of color has finally been included in the category of a Disney Princess.

With a splash of whimsy, a boatload of laugh-out-loud moments, and morsels of truth, Disenchanted! is simple, informative and charmingly ironic in its own right. A must see for any Disney fan with a sense of humor. The cast is magnetic and the music, absolutely noteworthy; most definitely worth watching more than once.

P.S. Mulan (Lulu Picart), who is portrayed as a lesbian, is hysterically brilliant and a personal favorite. Boom!

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