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Daredevil #1 2014 (Comic Book Review)

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After seeing Netflix Daredevil series, my interest on the character has been renewed and so I started to read the comic book counter part that has been re-launched last year. Here is my review of Daredevil #1.

The issue picks up where Daredevil is in San Francisco trying to settle down. But like any hero story that I’ve seen, the call for action never stops. The story opens with Matt acting more as a detective than a lawyer in trying to assist in solving a kidnapping case.

The story has a healthy dosage of adrenaline fun and great artwork; definitely a great introduction for new readers like myself. San Francisco serving as the new backdrop represents how Matt himself has changed and matured being willing and able to ask for help rather than try to do it all completely on his own.

Mark Waid's writing starts simple but quickly turns the tables and you get to see more than you initially thought. Chris Samnee’s art is superb and you even get to see San Francisco landmarks in the issue. Meanwhile, Javier Rodriguez's color works compliment the overall feel and cohesiveness of the art.

However, the dark tone of the Netflix series that draw my interest to the character is not present. Daredevil in this re-launched feels more upbeat most likely a representation of the emotional growth of the character but also the writing direction of Waid’s. Nonetheless, it’s an enjoyable issue.

Though it has a different feel from the Netflix series, the book is exciting and a great read. It’s another success for Marvel in the comic book front. With a balance of Waid's writing and Samnee's art, this issue comes together in a surge of exciting sensation.

Rating: A

BY: Jose Febrero
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