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CPAC 2015: Cosplay Photography by Cosplayers (Panel Review)

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A panel for photographers and cosplayers alike to share their knowledge and information of what goes into being in front and behind the camera.

This year, FStandsFor got the chance to cover Castle Point Anime Convention, the first for the site and myself. I was given the mission to cover the "Cosplay Photography by Cosplayers" panel by my colleagues because I'm in to photography. I was excited to cover this panel because I wanted to see what they will be covering and what I could learn from it.

The Cosplay Photography by Cosplayers was really informative. Celsius and Dark Alchemy hosted the panel. The audience/attendees were a small group of cosplayers, professionals, and hobbyist photographers. It was held in a classroom, so it had that school feel to it. The hosts had some great topics that they covered in their agenda. At first I thought they would just get on it one by one by themselves, but they did not. They had the entire group involved by sharing their opinions, experiences, questions, and knowledge. The topics that they presented was straight to the point. It covered techniques, equipments, programs, styles, and safety for both cosplayers and photographers. The fact that they had the group involved made this panel really fun and entertaining.

The hosts were down to earth, easy to talk to and not snobby. That being said, they made the group feel comfortable to the point that it felt like it was just a group of friends talking about what they love to do. Having Celsius and Dark Alchemy as hosts was really great. The experience and knowledge that both have helped the group relate and enjoy the panel.

It was totally a great experience going to this panel. I got some great information on who gets the rights on the photos between cosplayers and photographers. I learned what the best program or software to use in editing my shots. I learned what cosplayers deal with and go through on cons they go to (helped me understand how to deal with them next time). I learned that cosplaying and photography is a growing trend. I totally enjoyed this panel and I'm hoping that they will have more of this on some other cons to give respect to this new and growing community of cosplayers and photographers. I just wished the panel was a little longer but I was late so I can't really complain.

Looking forward to covering the event again next year and hoping I'll be a better photographer by then and can share my knowledge and skills with others if they have this panel again.

BY: Benzar Lagumen
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