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CPAC 2015: +2 Comedy Stand Up (Panel Review)

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+2 Comedy is a unique comedy trio unlike anything currently in the stand-up comedy world. This original form of stand-up comedy is created solely for nerds. Their comedy is on such topics as Star Wars, video games, comic books, Anime, D&D and the like. Their show, which can run from 30-90 minutes, consists of stand-up comedy as well as a Q&A with the audience where they answer questions like, “Could Boba Fett take the Cloverfield monster in a fight?”, “Who is the best character to use in Virtual Fighter?”, and “What is the greatest movie trilogy of all time?”

At this year's Castle Point Anime Convention, I checked out the “+2 Comedy Stand Up” panel. I love
stand up comedy and most forms of comedy entertainment in general. Knowing that their jokes are especially for the nerd demographic, I wanted to see how they would incorporate that into their routine. Although the jokes felt flat at times, it was entertaining enough and it provided as a good alternative from other somewhat more serious panels.

From left to right: Noah Houlihan, Vegas Lancaster, Will Liam

First to perform was comedian, Vegas Lancaster. Prior to attending, I was under the impression that all 3 comedians would be performing together and feeding off of each other, but they weren't (so I'm not sure how unique their comedy was compared to other stand up). Lancaster's style is utilizing slow delivery. He had funny moments and mostly garnered few giggles but nothing hysterical. Second to perform was Will Liam. Liam's style is all about being loud and aggressive. In my opinion, his style and delivery was the funniest. He had good jokes and got some of the loudest pop from the audience. The third and last to perform was Noah Houlihan. Houlihan is like the combination of Liam and Lancaster but with better enunciation (he did say he was a teacher). I'm guessing since he performed last that he's the closer, hence the funniest. But again just like Lancaster, he had moments of brilliance and some was so-so. Afterwards, all 3 joined up for some quick Q&A at the end.

I've watched quite a few stand up comedies, both amateurs and pros, so I can tell when a performer is good or needs more work. In this case, whilst funny half the time, the other half was just mediocre. I believe their material was weak. Yes it was nerd related but the whole show was just too tamed, too rated PG. Their show is more appropriate for kids party. I'm not saying they needed to drop F-bombs but a little use of colorful words would have sufficed. Overall, I wasn't too disappointed. They evoked some
chuckles out of me and some of the references they used were gleefully relatable. It was good enough to kill time and keep us entertained while waiting for other panels to open.

BY: Evelyn Febrero
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