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Represent Hawaii with FITTED Hawaiian Diet Hats Collection

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Almost every state or every big city can be represented with a fitted or snapback hat, but did you ever want to rep the state of Hawaii?
Well now you can because FITTED came out with a great collection called HAWAIIAN DIET COLLECTION that represents Hawaii.

Check out the collection below. Click on the images for larger and better view.

Honolulu Fitstrike (New Era Snap Back) Black / Cardinal / White

Retail Price $43.99

Hungy Time H Pride (New Era Snap Back) Black / Multi

Retail Price $59.99

Hungy Time Kamehameha (New Era Snap Back) Red / Cream

Retail Price $49.99

Hungy Time Kamehameha (New Era Strap Back) Cream w/ Inner Liner

Retail Price $54.99

Kamehameha Fitstrike (New Era Snap Back) Scarlet / Brown

Retail Price $43.99

Hungy Time Mua (New Era Strap Back) White / Multi

Retail Price $54.99

CheeHu (New Era Snap Back) Teal / Washed Red

Retail Price $49.99

Hungy Time CheeHu (New Era 59Fifty) Black / Multi

Retail Price $54.99

Hungy Time Aloha (New Era Snap Back) Blue / Multi

Retail Price $49.99

The HAWAIIAN DIET COLLECTION totally captures the image of Hawaii and also totally represents the State. This collection is absolutely a must have if your a Hat collector because of its distinctive design and look.

Check out FITTED to see more of there products and information on how to purchase them.

BY: Benzar Lagumen
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